Betrayal At House On The Hill List Of Haunts

All Fifty Haunts In An Easy To Use List

You may already know that every game of Betrayal At House On The Hill ends up in a haunting, but did you know that there are fifty of them?

If you are looking for a brief description and rating of every single haunt then this is the article for you.

All of them are fun, but I’ll be listing them in order and ranking them as good, great or awesome, as well as mentioning my personal favourites.

At a certain point in Betrayal At House On The Hill a haunt begins. Depending on the character who triggered the event and the room they are in a specific haunt is selected for the second half of the game. One player becomes the traitor and works to defeat the other players while the remaining explorers try to prevent them from achieving their aim.

The best way to play Betrayal is simply to let the game decide which haunt you play, but there may be times when you would prefer to choose a specific scenario, or maybe you just want to try that last one that you haven’t encountered yet.

It’s also possible that you could just be curious about the game and want to know what it offers, so here is a brief description and rating for every haunt in the box.

The Game Will Select Your Haunt And Traitor

When the haunt is triggered the rules will instruct you to put a particular scenario into play and will also tell you which one of the group is the traitor.

The traitor leaves the room with the Traitor’s Tome and looks up the instructions for the selected haunt while the rest of the players consult the Survivors’ Handbook for further guidelines.

This short video by Roll For Crit will give you a great overview of how to play the game and how the haunt begins.

YouTube video

Whatever happens in the first half of the game, sooner or later you will find yourself up against one of the following scenarios:

betrayalathouseonthehill boxfrontcover

#1 – The Mummy Walks – (OK)

  • The traitor plays the Mummy who is searching for his bride, lost many years ago. The rest of the group are trying to discover the true name of the Mummy so that they can banish it to the land of the dead and save the Girl.

#2 – The Séance – (Great)

  • The traitor and the heroes are racing against each other to summon the ghost. If the traitor summons it first then they can use it to attack and kill all the heroes, but if the heroes are the first to summon it they can bury its bones or destroy it.

#3 – Frog-Leg Stew – (OK)

  • The traitor is a Witch who is trying to kill all the heroes or turn them into frogs, with the help of her Cat. The heroes need to cast a spell on the Witch to make her vulnerable and then kill her.

#4 – The Web Of Destiny – (Great)

  • The person who revealed the haunt has been caught in a web full of spider eggs that look as if they are about to hatch. The traitor’s Spider attacks the heroes to keep them away from the web until the eggs hatch, but the heroes must try to attack the web and free their colleague.

#5 – I Was A Teenage Lycanthrope – (Great)

  • The traitor has turned into a Werewolf and needs to attack the heroes to turn them into werewolves as well. The heroes have to find a revolver and make some silver bullets in order to kill the Werewolf and escape from the house.

#6 – The Floating Eye – (OK)

  • The Aliens have arrived and are now controlling the traitor, using them to abduct the heroes through dastardly mind control. Meanwhile the heroes try to resist the Aliens and destroy their spacecraft so that they cannot take off with their captives.

#7 – Carnivorous Ivy – (OK)

  • The traitor needs to use the bodies of the heroes to feed the plants that are growing all over the house, but if the heroes can create some Plant Spray then they can fight back against the Creepers and Roots.

#8 – Wail Of The Banshee – (OK)

  • The Banshee’s screaming is going to turn all the heroes slowly mad unless they can resist its powerful wail. She cannot be attacked so the heroes need to perform an exorcism to banish the Banshee before they all die.

#9 – The Dance Of Death – (Great)

  • The strange music that fills the house has the power to turn any one of the heroes into a traitor. The Holy Symbol needs to be activated in the Pentagram Chamber in order to banish the Dark Fiddler who is playing the music, or there is the chance that the heroes could be driven mad and drawn to the Ballroom to dance until they die.

#10 – Family Gathering – (Great)

  • The Zombies have crawled up through the floorboards and are trying to kill the heroes, but they can be defeated if they can be lured to the rooms that were important to them when they were still alive.

betrayalathouseonthehill midgame

#11 – Let Them In – (OK)

  • The traitor has teamed up with a madman to let the Spectres into the house. The Spectres cannot be physically attacked but need to be exorcised or confronted with a special ring before they kill all the heroes.

#12 – Fleshwalkers – (Great)

  • The heroes’ evil twins have suddenly appeared in the house and are out to kill their counterparts. It is a simple fight to the death between the heroes and the evil versions of themselves!

#13 – Perchance To Dream – (OK)

  • The traitor falls asleep and their Nightmares attempt to escape from the house and inflict mental damage on the heroes. In order to wake the traitor the heroes need to use the Holy Symbol in the room where their former colleague is sleeping to wake them before insanity prevails.

#14 – The Stars Are Right – (Great)

  • The traitor’s cult is trying to summon its dread god by making sacrifices, and those sacrifices include the heroes! The heroes need to desecrate the Pentagram Chamber with any paint they can find before the cult becomes powerful enough to summon its vengeful god.

#15 – Here There Be Dragons – (Great)

  • The traitor has summoned an enormous dragon into the house which is attacking the heroes with its fiery breath and biting them. The heroes have to get near enough to attack it before it kills them all, but they’ll need to use the Antique Armour, the Spear and the Shield to stand any chance at all.

#16 – The Phantom’s Embrace – (Great)

  • The Girl is being kept captive by the Phantom…but there is also a bomb ticking away in the basement which could go off at any moment. The heroes need to defeat the Phantom and either rescue the Girl and escape from the house or defuse the bomb, but time is short.

#17 – A Breath Of Wind – (Great)

  • A poltergeist has been disturbed and is now roaming about the house trying to kill the heroes. It can pick up and move objects and also disappear to reform in another room. The heroes need to find some candles quickly so that they can perform an exorcism and banish the poltergeist.

#18 – United We Stand – (Great)

  • The traitor has become a large, fleshy monster and it needs to devour two heroes and escape through the front door…or it can just kill them all! The only way to destroy the monster is to make the furnace explode and burn down the entire house.

#19 – A Friend For The Ages – (OK)

  • The portrait that has kept the traitor alive for three hundred years is now under threat of being repainted by the heroes. The traitor must destroy the paint or the heroes themselves before the object that has provided protection for so long is destroyed.

#20 – Ghost Bride – (OK)

  • The Ghost Bride has returned from the dead to marry her groom, who she believes is one of the heroes. She needs to kill him and take his ghost to the Chapel while the heroes have to discover the name and the body of her true love and convince her that he is dead.

#21 – House Of The Living Dead – (OK)

  • The house has been overrun by zombies who want to munch their way through all the heroes, turning them into zombies as well. Can they fight back in time or defeat the Zombie Lord to fight off the invasion?

#22 – The Abyss Gazes Back – (OK)

  • It turns out that the house is sitting on a portal to Hell and is about to collapse. Can the traitor prevent the heroes from performing enough exorcisms to stop the destruction or will they all be killed as the house collapses around them?

#23 – Tentacled Horror – (OK)

  • A tentacled creature has taken over the house, gaining strength the longer it lives. The heroes need to fend off its suckers until they can find the head of the creature, attack it and kill it.

#24 – Fly Away Home – (OK)

  • A swarm of bats have got into the house and are intent on drinking the blood of the surviving heroes. The sound of the pipe organ will scare them off, but the heroes will have to get to the Organ Room first and work out how to turn on and play the instrument to stay alive.

#25 – Voodoo – (Great)

  • The traitor has made voodoo dolls of all the heroes and is going to use their individual powers to defeat them. The heroes need to find the dolls in the house and destroy them before more than half of them have died.


#26 – Pay The Piper – (OK)

  • The traitor has turned out to be a wererat, and their rat friends are now all over the house, trying to complete a ritual. The heroes need to kill all of the rats immediately, or they must stop the traitor from reaching the Pentagram Chamber.

#27 – Amok Flesh – (OK)

  • The traitor has created an enormous orange flesh Blob and is trying to kill all the heroes or turn them into Blob-People. The heroes need to work out the creature’s weakness and then mix the right chemicals to defeat it. They also need to avoid becoming part of the Blob’s evil plans.

#28 – Ring Of King Solomon – (OK)

  • Hell has opened up and the Demons are pouring into the house under the control of their Demon Lord, seeking to destroy the living. The heroes must destroy the Demon Lord using the power of the Ring of King Solomon.

#29 – Frankenstein’s Legacy – (Great)

  • The traitor has succeeded in creating a Monster and must stop the ignorant heroes from destroying it. They know that they can harm it with fire, or they might just be able to lure it to the Tower or Chasm and push it to its death.

#30 – Tomb Of Dracula – (OK)

  • The traitor has turned into a Vampire and has teamed up with Dracula and The Bride to attack the heroes, but they need to do it before the sun comes up. The heroes can try to kill them with the Spear and the Holy Symbol, and maybe the sunlight will help them as well.

#31 – Airborne – (Awesome)

  • The entire house has been picked up by a giant bird! Each hero needs to find a parachute somewhere in the building and jump to safety..and there is always the option of stealing one from another hero instead.

#32 – Lost – (Great)

  • The house has been transported to a strange new world and the heroes must attempt to return it to Earth using the organ in the Organ Room, which happens to be an interdimensional transporter. Of course, the traitor likes the house just where it is now.

#33 – An Invocation Of Darkness – (Great)

  • The traitor has decided to summon the Elder God by using the Book in the Chapel or the Pentagram Chamber, but once it is summoned it will kill the traitor and go on the rampage. The heroes must kill the traitor before they summon the Elder God or destroy the Book.

#34 – Guillotines – (Awesome)

  • The players all wake up wearing collars and find out that they have a limited time to find keys to remove them or their heads will be chopped off by hidden blades. One of the players is a traitor, however, and will be working quietly to obstruct the other members of the team but who is it?

#35 – Small Change – (Awesome)

  • The explorers have all been shrunk to the size of mice and the traitor has filled the house with cats. They need to find the Toy Airplane and work out how to use it to pick up all of their friends before they will be able to leave the house.

#36 – Better With Friends – (Great)

  • The traitor is actually a ghost who drowned in the swamp under the house but who has regained physical form. The explorers must stop the house from flooding and can escape if they can find the Rowboat in the Attic and get it the Balcony or the Tower.

#37 – Checkmate – (OK)

  • Your team has ended up playing a game of chess against Death itself. The explorers need to use their knowledge to defeat Death, maybe using some tips and tricks they can find in the Book to help them along the way.

#38 – Hellbeasts – (OK)

  • The traitor has summoned Firebats to drink on the blood of the other explorers. They will need to be exorcised using specific items before they burn and kill all of the explorers.


#39 – The Heir – (Great)

  • The traitor wants to stop the Romanescu family fortune from passing to the rightful heir and has engaged Assassins to kill them, but doesn’t know which one of the explorers it is. The rightful heir needs to make their way to the Statuary Corridor with the Spear and Ring to assert their claim.

#40 – Buried Alive – (Great)

  • Somebody has been buried alive in one of the rooms in the basement of the house. The explorers are up against time to discover where the person is buried and to rescue them before they die a horrible death.

#41 – Invisible Traitor – (Awesome)

  • A cursed Ring has turned the traitor invisible and filled them with a burning desire to kill the other explorers. Can the remaining friends work out where the traitor is hiding and use any weapons they can find to kill him, or will the traitor get to them first?

#42 – Comes The Hero – (Great)

  • The traitor has become immortal by opening a gate to Hell and cannot be defeated by normal methods. The explorers need to bring a Statue to life using their mental powers and use it to wear down the traitor and shut the gate to Hell.

#43 – The Star-Sickness – (Awesome)

  • One of the members of the group has been infected with an alien virus and is intent on making sure that the other explorers are also infected. Only by creating a Serum and inoculating all the non-infected explorers can the virus be defeated, but the traitor is out to spread the disease and help the aliens take over.

#44 – Death Doth Find Us All – (Great)

  • The house itself is alive and needs to be fed with human life every ten years. The explorers seem to be growing older by the minute while the traitor is staying young. Only the Ritual Of Rejuvenation can stop the process, but time is running out.

#45 – Tick, Tick, Tick – (Awesome)

  • The traitor has strapped a bomb to each of the explorers and is working to detonate the Big Bomb. One of the team needs to deactivate their bomb and kill the traitor before he has a chance to complete his project, but without getting close enough to the traitor for the proximity sensor to set off their personal bomb.

#46 – The Feast – (OK)

  • A feast of human meat has been prepared by the cannibals who have taken over the house, but some of their victims have escaped from the Attic. The victims either need to kill the traitor and all the Cannibal Freaks or get out of the house as quickly as possible.

#47 – Worm Ouroboros – (Great)

  • The traitor has turned into a giant two-headed snake and is about to crush the house. The explorers need to attack both heads of the terrible creature before it manages to stretch out through all the rooms and destroy the building.

#48 – Stacked Like Cordwood – (Great)

  • A deranged murderer is coming back to the house, helped by his traitorous relative. The explorers know that Crimson Jack is in the building but he can only be killed by a cursed weapon. An attack with anything else only makes him stronger than before.

#49 – You Wear It Well – (OK)

  • A powerful spirit is sucking the souls out of the explorers and trying to inhabit their bodies, helped by the traitor. The Astral Spirit needs to be confronted and destroyed in a test of knowledge or sanity before it manages to wear its new bodies.

#50 – Treasure Hunt – (Great)

  • There are no traitors in this scenario. Instead all the players are competing against each other to be the first to find the treasure that is hidden somewhere in the house.


Congratulations if you’ve read through all fifty of the hauntings, and hopefully you’ll agree that there is a really wide range of challenges to overcome.

Some of them are grisly, some are just plain fun, but they are all worth playing, and if you manage to get through all of them then your game has also provided you with serious value for money.

If you want to watch a full playthrough and see how an entire game plays out then head on over to this video by Polygon and see how they deal with Frog Leg Stew.

YouTube video

These Are A Few Of My Favourite Haunts

All of the haunts are impressively thematic and fun to play.

Many of them make you feel that you are taking part in a famous horror film, but some of them just have a dash more fun and imagination about them.

Quite a few of the hauntings involve the explorers trying to find certain objects in different rooms in order to defeat the traitor’s monster, and while these are fun my favourites are the ones that suddenly pitch everybody against each other or which throw some extra elements into the mix.

I especially enjoy the hauntings when nobody knows who the traitor is but you all have to find out as you play, and also the ones where players can maybe even change sides.

My favourite five hauntings are:

  • Airborne (31) because there is something deeply satisfying about stealing a parachute from one of your former friends and then escaping while they are left in the house.
  • Guillotines (34) because nobody knows which person is working against the whole group apart from the traitor themselves. This is terrifying when you are one of the explorers and delightful when you are working against them.
  • Small Change (35) because I love the idea of working together as a band of mice and having to put a Toy Plane together. Some of the haunts can be quite gruesome but this one is light and fun.
  • Invisible Traitor (41) because there is something terrifying and thrilling about trying to chase down the traitor when you don’t really know where they are in the house. It’s pretty fun for the traitor as well, especially when they are nowhere near where the explorers think they are.
  • The Star-Sickness (43) is probably my favourite haunt of all because players can switch sides as they become infected with the virus, and nobody knows at the start who the carrier is. The dynamic of the haunt can really change as it progresses, which is very exciting.

A shout out also for Treasure Hunt, even though it does not have a traitor at all, just because it’s a fun free-for-all scramble to find the treasure hidden in the house.

More Betrayal?…The Widow’s Walk Expansion Includes Another Fifty Hauntings

If you’ve played through all fifty of these haunts and you still want more then you should definitely check out the Widow’s Walk expansion for the game.

It adds a roof level and rooms to the house and includes another fifty haunts, so if you combine it with your base box you would have one hundred haunts to play through, which is a whole lot of creepy stuff.

Whichever haunt you play, here’s hoping that you have fun, and always remember that at least one of your group of friends from the first half of the game is going to turn out to be a traitor, and that’s why Betrayal is the name of the game!


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