gtns boardgames recruitment jobsWelcome To GTNS Recruitment Page!

At GTNS, we operate an open recruitment policy.

This means, we are always looking to hire highly qualified writers and content editors, to support our ongoing board game news content.

We’re recruiting for dedicated part-time writers with outstanding English, for articles on family games like Catan, Azul, Ticket To Ride, et al.

We’re always looking for someone who is an enthusiast personally – someone who has first-hand experience in specialist board gaming, and can share this with our readers.

Just so you know, if you haven’t banked solid hours with Catan, Scythe, or Gloomhaven, we probably won’t be a good match.

Topics May Include (e.g.)

– top (game type) board games for (audience)
– best expansions for (game)
– how to win every time at (game)
– top 5 strategies for (game)
– detailed guides, news, and reviews around board gaming

Skills Required

– Ability to write in engaging, zero-fluff style.
– Outstanding English (fluent/native)
– Experience optimising articles using Surfer SEO Content Editor
– Attention to detail
– Meet deadlines, reliability
– Ability to write about board gaming niche in depth.


We work on a paid trial basis – this means we trial multiple candidates with 1- 2 articles initially, with ongoing work for great matches for our style.

How To Apply

Take a look around the site, and if you feel you’re a good match, please complete the following form, and we’ll write back to you, as soon as we can. Thanks!

Apply here

All the best,

– James Declan

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